February 2017

No incidents reported for this month.

January 2017

[Resolved] Exchange rates API experiencing intermittent failures
This platform issue caused request timeouts for many of our API clients, between approximately 00:30 UTC and 13:00 UTC on January 1st. This resulted from an unprecedented number of API requests on New Year's Day, occurring in a way that did not allow our platform to efficiently auto-scale, due to an unexpected bottleneck between our database and cache. We began investigation as soon as we became aware of this issue, and resolved it with a deployment later in the day. Although a small number of clients continued to experience occasional timeouts for up to 48 hours afterwards, we have not experienced a recurrence of this issue. We have since made further infrastructure updates to safeguard your service. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please rest assured that we continue to closely monitor our API platform and responses for unexpected behaviour, providing you with the consistent and stable service availability you expect. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this incident. Warm regards, Open Exchange Rates Team
Jan 1, 07:05 - Jan 9, 15:40 UTC

December 2016

Single-day time series API requests returning inaccurate error message
We have resolved this issue, and as of 4:00pm UTC all Time Series API requests are functioning as expected. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.
Dec 20, 09:52-21:34 UTC
Rates missing from historical API on 17th Dec
This error occurred while upgrading our platform. We resolved this issue with missing historical data with a deployment on 17th December, and have taken steps to ensure that it will not happen again. Thank you for your patience.
Dec 18, 10:41 - Dec 20, 09:33 UTC

November 2016

No incidents reported for this month.

October 2016

No incidents reported for this month.

September 2016

No incidents reported for this month.

August 2016

Issue with curl access
This incident has been resolved.
Aug 11, 08:47-22:11 UTC

July 2016

Change to IP address on Friday 22nd July
Dear clients, We have postponed our platform migration to Thursday 4th August. Our IP address will remain the same ( until then. Your API service is not affected. In response to customer feedback, we're creating a static IP gateway for those who require a fixed IP address for their security infrastructure or firewall. Please contact us at support@openexchangerates.org if you need this facility, or if you have any other questions or comments. William J Crowcroft - Founder & CEO, Open Exchange Rates
Jul 19, 16:10 - Jul 22, 05:09 UTC
[Scheduled] Account registration, upgrade, password reset and dashboard temporarily unavailable
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Jul 22, 03:00-04:24 UTC
Issue affecting some API clients
We have resolved this issue, which affected around 400 users of our service who were unable to fetch rates for approximately 30 minutes, and will write a post-mortem report this afternoon. Thank you for your patience.
Jul 14, 06:06-06:20 UTC

June 2016

Update to Belarusian ruble on July 1st
If you rely on our Belarusian ruble data, you may already be aware that a new Belarusian ruble will be introduced on Friday, July 1st, 2016, at a rate of 1 new ruble to 10,000 old rubles. We'll offer the new Belarusian ruble under its ISO 4217 code "BYN", in both our latest and historical APIs, as soon as the re-denomination goes into effect on July 1st. Old and new rubles will circulate in parallel until December 31, 2016, so we'll continue to provide the old ruble under its symbol BYR until the end of the year. Please don‘t hesitate to raise any questions or discuss any concerns with us at support@openexchangerates.org.
Jun 29, 21:48 UTC

May 2016

We are investigating a service outage last night
This incident was caused by an upstream issue at our web host, manifesting in delayed responses (30s+) and timeouts for a large number of our clients. It's our responsibility to safeguard the availability of our service to you; we've already deployed changes to our API platform to prevent a recurrence and our monitoring has not detected any further issue since May 4th. Thanks for your patience while we scale up to be able to serve you better. Please contact support@openexchangerates.org with any questions.
May 4, 08:27 - May 16, 10:24 UTC

April 2016

Update to Venezuelan Bolivar (VEF) alternative rates
We have successfully deployed these changes. Please contact us at support@openexchangerates.org with any questions or feedback.
Mar 29, 16:23 - Apr 9, 12:53 UTC

March 2016

No incidents reported for this month.

February 2016

10 minutes maintenance at 15:00 UTC today
We have successfully made the upgrades to our API infrastructure, with a total of 10m downtime. Please email support@openexchangerates.org with any questions or comments.
Feb 19, 13:42-15:23 UTC

January 2016

Upstream host issue caused approximately 5m total outage last night
This outage was caused by an upstream server issue at our hosting provider, and we're taking steps to stop it happening again. Sincere apologies for any disruption caused.
Jan 22, 05:48 - Jan 24, 09:42 UTC
Technical error affected a subset of clients for several minutes yesterday
We experienced an issue with our data warehouse between 00:09 UTC and 00:12 UTC on 20th January, affecting a subset of clients who requested live data from the API during that period. This was caused by a miscommunication between servers, resulting in failed response validation at the point of delivery to the client. Rather than deliver potentially inaccurate data, our system chose to return a non-specific error message. The issue resolved itself without intervention after approximately 3 minutes. We've been notified of this issue in the past, but until yesterday hadn't been able to replicate or determine the cause. We have now resolved this issue so it will not happen again. Please contact us at support@openexchangerates.org with any queries.
Jan 21, 06:31 UTC
Historical Data was temporarily unavailable for 1st & 2nd January 2016
This incident has been resolved.
Jan 2, 11:10 - Jan 16, 17:07 UTC
We're upgrading our website
This incident has been resolved.
Dec 15, 08:01 - Jan 2, 11:08 UTC

December 2015

Delayed API responses
Slowdown was caused by a routine system maintenance task. We're taking steps to prevent similar issues. Please contact us if you experience any slow response times or timeouts.
Dec 14, 12:05-17:00 UTC
Usage statistics delayed
Usage statistics are being displayed with up to 12 hours delay, otherwise functional. Please get in touch with any questions.
Nov 30, 14:15 - Dec 9, 17:43 UTC

November 2015

Delayed responses affecting some clients
Response times have returned to normal and we're continuing to monitor the situation. Please contact support@openexchangerates.org if you experience any connection issues.
Nov 30, 09:45-12:32 UTC
Minor service outage
We experienced a short interruption in service today (approx. 20m) for a minority of clients, due to an upstream web host issue.
Nov 19, 23:00 UTC

October 2015

No incidents reported for this month.

September 2015

No incidents reported for this month.

August 2015

No incidents reported for this month.

July 2015

No incidents reported for this month.

June 2015

No incidents reported for this month.

May 2015

No incidents reported for this month.

April 2015

No incidents reported for this month.

March 2015

Missing Historical Data from March 4th
A number of our clients received a blank response when attempting to access historical data for March 4th, between 00:00 and 10:00 today (March 5th). This has been resolved and new checks put in place to ensure it doesn't happen again.
Mar 5, 20:43 UTC

February 2015

Service Disruption
For approximately 90 minutes, all requests received a 403 "Access Denied" error. This has now been resolved, and we've sent all clients an email about it.
Feb 20